Mathieu Briand The Bicycle of the Day 2009

Artist : Mathieu Briand

Title : The Bicycle of the Day

Date : 2009

Size (mm) : (L) 162 x (W) 137 x (H) 40

Medium : 1945 swiss army bicycle, stool wood, rotoreliefs

Description :
This object from the world of dreams is neither a bicycle wheel, Marcel Duchamp’s first readymade, nor one of his rotoreliefs (discs with spiral motifs that seem to be 3D forms when they rotate), nor is it the bicycle ridden by Albert Hofmann on his legendary journey (the artist managed to track down an identical model). This hybrid object linking all these stories propels us into the limitless imagination of its creator. “Pass through the doors of perception, transform your senses, open your mind.”

Condition report :

Provenance :
Mathieu Briand

Exhibited :
MATHIEU BRIAND In Memorial of Albert Hofmann 1906 – 2008 Opening : Thursday 29th of January 7-10 p.m. 29 January – 28 March 2009 anne+art Projects , Ivry, France

Edition : Ex. n°1 on an edition of 3 ex. + 1 AP
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