Home Made Museum

The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to keep distance and to be physically isolated.

This presents such a difficult situation for the use and production of art.

With the generosity of some artist friends I thought of a response to this situation with a project where people can produce, collect, exchange works of art from artists, from home. :

The Home Made Museum.

Annette Messager, Hermann NItsch, Matali Crasset, Thomas Hirschhorn, Koo-Jeong A, Jean-Luc Moulene, donated original artworks to start the project and I thank them.

The artwork can be the printing of an A4 sheet, the instructions to realise a performance, a score to play, a video, etc.

You just have to be register, then you can download your free edition. There is a limit of 500 editions of each artwork.

Each artwork has its own unique Universal Certificate of Authenticity (UCoA) that can be kept or exchanged.

Each week a new artwork will be released. 

As we are in a beta version it is possible to experience some bugs.

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