Mathieu Briand SYS*03.RefN*01/ Gre*01\RoS-10 1999

Artist : Mathieu Briand

Title : SYS*03.RefN*01/ Gre*01\RoS-10

Sizes with description (mm) :
variable dimention

Medium : 5 exapodes, wirelessvideo, small tv, microcamera

Date : 1999

Description :
2 groups of 5 robots, in each one master with wireless camera and a light at his back. 4 slaves following the light. in a orange room. a red circle on a wall

Condition report :

Provenance :
Galerie Roger Pailhas

Exhibited :
Galerie Roger Pailhas, Paris, 1999

Observations :
2 groups of 5 robots, one is own by fans in paris, the other one is in loan at mac to be install

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