Mathieu Briand A-s1/14\BL*RL/18 2018

Artist : Mathieu Briand

Title : A-s1/14\BL*RL/18

Date : 2018

Size (mm) : (L) 100 x (W) 30 x (H) 20

Medium : animatronic, PLA, leather, electronic, aluminium, motors Hi-tech 9380th, battery lipo 7.4v

Description :
can be hang up

Condition report :

Observations :
Do androids dream of electric sheep or us? A-droyx are not on the identical reproduction of the human, the perfect likeness or the impeccable imitation for maximum servitude and functionality, but on a psychological interaction which derives from The Uncanny Valley. It is no longer a question of making « more human than human » but of making « the human more human ». A-droyx have the appearance of human body parts an have the size of a child. They evolve at will in the space whatever it is. They can be considered residents.

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