Mathieu Briand SYS*011. MIE>ABE/ SOS\ SYS*010 2003

Artist : Mathieu Briand

Title : SYS*011. MIE>ABE/ SOS\ SYS*010

Sizes with description (mm) :
between 5 and 30 M diameter

Date : 2003

Description :
5 turntables Technics SL-1200, one transportable vinylrecordcutter, soundsystem 4kw electrovoice, 23 flycases, 30 double vinyl record

Condition report :

Provenance :
Mathieu Briand

Exhibited :
2016 Carriageworks, Sydney; Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania 2007 Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London 2006 RedCat Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Jumex collection, Mexico City, Mexico 2005 Guangdong Museum of Art, China 2004 ICC, Tokyo, Japan; Derrière le Monde Flottant, M.A.C, Lyon, France 2003 Bloomberg Space, Londres, UK 2002 Macba, Barcelone, Spain; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

Observations :
also called "The Spiral"

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